How to Remodel a Dark Basement

Every modern homeowner at least once in his or her life thought about the possibility of transforming the basement into a cozy and comfortable living space. No matter what the area of your basement is, there is a lot of interesting ideas for its high-quality and original design.

The most reasonable use of the space of the basement, which occupies an entire floor, allows you to get a comfortable and cozy room or even rooms or you can ask a question: how to renovate basement into pool? Actual ideas for transforming the basement will allow you to transform this part of the house in order to the place that your family will everyday use.

To Remodel a Dark Basement

Where to begin?

For the beginning it is necessary to carefully consider the question - for what the modified basement will be used? You might want to turn it into a comfortable guest room, a children's play space, or into a room where you can relax with your friends.

Whatever you choose it is worth considering the basic principles and ideas for transforming this room into dwelling unit. Compliance with several simple rules for repairing the basement will help radically transform it, making the room truly comfortable and enjoyable for daily pastime.

After determining the purpose of the basement and calculating the budget, you should start choosing the optimal design that will help you turn ideas into reality. For more information, click site of our friends, where you will find reliable information about renovation.

Neutral tones and shades: best for a basement

Bright and catchy colors invariably attract attention, reinforcing visual accents on various objects of the surrounding interior. It is important to remember that saturated and rich tones are able to visually reduce the space, making it less spacious and free. Using such shades in the repair of the basement, you can achieve bad outcome. The ceilings in the room will seem lower, as well as its area will seem much smaller than real. That is why it is best to prefer light and neutral tones, such as gray, dark gray, white or beige.

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Maximum light for your comfort

Most often, the size of the windows in the basement leaves much to be desired. They are much smaller than other windows of the house, so the level of natural light in the basement is not too high. Moreover, the room is partially or even completely underground. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay maximum attention to the issue of lighting the room.

Bright and high-quality lighting will not only visually increase the area of the room, but also effectively compensates even the complete absence of windows. Since the basement rarely has high ceilings, it is need to use not ceiling chandeliers, but wall sconces, floor and table lamps. Built-in lights, characterized by an optimal level of energy efficiency, will significantly reduce the cost of paying for electricity. In addition, you can use mirrors that will reflect the light emitted by the lamps, making the room even brighter and more comfortable.

As you can see, the theme of the basement is as limitless as our universe. So, with the combination of a sense of space and good taste will allow you to create real architectural masterpieces within your basement.

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